Corporate Travel Management

Corporate travel management

Group travel

Individual ( FIT ) travel

Special service travel – for  dedicated team members

 VIP services –  for decision maker group

Full corporate / business travel management for groups and individuals

  • Every time you need to act quickly and travel immediately Fogg Travel Club can implement solutions to control the quality of your travel and the cost of your travel.
  • Every time you or your team need to be present on any meeting or event and want to act there as professionally as you can, Fogg Travel Club will handle all travel and organizational services so that you can focus on your business not on your trip or logistic issues.
  • Every time you need optimized travel solution – that is a primary task for us. Special offers from the top airlines, finest options for the hotel, perfect car rental if needed, organized after hours and many more.
  • Last but not least – your frequent travels with us mean that we always have to be the best in high quality offer and in our service.



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Fogg Travel Club

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