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Your own Special Events

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Annual events, corporate parties, day time or evening entertainment event, success celebration, award ceremonies and more…

Every Event has to have its special approach. Creativity, discipline as well as easiness are crucial and key success factors we rely on to perform accordingly.

We want your guest to feel great, motivated, enjoy hospitality, with “feel like VIP” effect. These are the segments we are covering when dealing with such tasks:

  • Defining the Concept & Scenario that meet your objectives as well what message do you send to your guests with all necessary supporting elements.


  • Attendee management – Guest travel and Event logistics  – team and guest arrivals, accommodation, presence, agenda briefing.


  • Event Production and supplier coordination, supervision and delivery of expected impact. Not just every gastro, scenography, video, audio, lightning not to mention entertainment fits your requirements. We provide them exclusively for your aim.


  • Event marketing and sponsorship support. Communication & Branding in line with all including compliance and risk management.


  • Budget VS Goal approach and rightsizing yet keeping the highest possible quality and full engagement in production.






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