How We Do It

How we do it



Budget CARE

Understand the client needs. Provide the best possible service for the given budget no matter if it should be value for money, Fogg´s well known top optimized approach to budget or extreme VIP. Every dime has to be used to create that “FEEL GREAT” service.

Travel, Meeting, Event or Incentive production

Every event, Creative solution, Incentive program, ticket, transfer, hotel, gastro and of course entertainment, shopping experience and other activities are “MUST DO IT GREAT”.



We have never left a client hanging at the airport


Fogg Travel Club embrace the idea of Jules Verne:

It’s a wonderful world, if you only take time to go around it!


Considered uncommon by some, using the elements of a timeless tale encapsulated the spirit of our MICE company.

Most important thing for us is to ensure our clients ability to grasp, as well as admire, all the sights, smells and sounds of our world’s fascinating settings.


We dismiss the notion of corporate travel and MICE business as a rigid formality and instead yearn to provide a refreshing alternative to the travel, meeting and event landscape.

Our blend ? Relentless ambition with good amount of invigorating emotion. 

How we do it? Full of passion and dedication. With attention to detail. 


Uniqueness, care, turnkey solutions – Some companies, want to be rational but to get some personal touch, others prefer combination of something new and original – it is all understandable for us since every company has it`s own standards, company spirit or a campaign objective and we have to follow it.

Our mantras and the beginning of our hospitality manifesto ? Motivation and engagement of all participants within the high quality content.



Fogg Travel Club

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Tel: +381 11 450 2770 i +381 11 450 2771